Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Top 5 Favorite Apps

First off, I am going to admit that I am an app JUNKIE! I download SO many apps, most of which I only use once or twice and then wait to delete off my phone for months and months. However, I do have a few favorites that I use all the time. They may seem a little random, but being the student teacher, cleaning company owner, Etsy shop owner that I am, each one is very useful for me.

1) Common Core:

This app was my saving grace this last semester! In the field of education, the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) are the basis of pretty much everything. These standards have been adopted by almost every state in the US. I believe there is only one state left who hasn't adopted them. (Texas?) The standards are broken up into grade level and subject. Here is an example of one of the standards

1.RL.2 Retell stories including key details, and demonstrate understanding of their central message or lesson.

The 1 stands for the grade level, RL = Reading: Literature and the 2 is the specific standard number.

The app itself is so handy because it lists every math and language arts standard by grade level. All the user needs to do is select either math or language arts, their grade level, and voila! Every subject standard for that grade level is at their finger tips!

2) Etsy

I love the Etsy app because it allows me to keep tabs on my shop at all times! I have definitely become obsessed with tracking my views, and adding/editing shop items. This app allows me to do that anywhere I go. It's an obsessed girls dream!

3) ANY Flashlight App

I opened my cleaning business (Double-Take Cleaning) with my twin back in 2010. We clean residential, commercial, and post-construction buildings. One of our past clients was a flipper, so we cleaned during or post construction. A lot of the time these houses didn't have power or adequate light, which made cleaning very difficult. I can't even count the number of time my handy dandy flash light app helped me out!

4) US Bank

Being able to check my money situation at all times is an absolute must at this stage of life. This app lets that happen!

5) Facebook

As much as I hate to include Facebook on this list, it is one of my favorites by default. I use it daily, multiple times daily, more times than I can count per day. I use it to connect with virtually everyone I know, and I get REALLY cranky when it stops working. ;)

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